BlueSky Capital is looking to make investments and improvements in the fast moving space of energy, telecom, and tech. We are looking for the most innovative startup looking to provide connection to those all over the world.

Investment company helping startups in


We are looking to invest in companies pushing the envelop in the telecom space, from 5G and 6G, to communication and accessible internet in the rural areas of the world.


Clean energy is important to us. We are looking for complex innovation in the communication while still protecting our beautiful Mother Earth.

Tech Sector

Bring emerging tech to the Telecom space is an extremely important part of bring affordable and accessible communication and internet to all. We are always in search of technology advancements in this field.

Real Estate

Embark on a journey of investment possibilities alongside us, as we actively seek partners to join us in our diverse commercial real estate and residential ventures. Our thoughtfully curated portfolio includes office spaces, retail properties, industrial facilities, and hospitality projects, all designed to align with a wide range of investor preferences.